CheckRisk provides fintech enabled services focused on helping our clients to build differentiated wealth management, investment management and risk management practices. We are unique in that our Huxley risk ecosystem offers a science-based risk-responsibility-reward approach that we developed in collaboration with the University of Bath and Bristol. We put responsibility at the heart of decision-making.

Achieving Financial Stability with Confidence: Unlock the Power of Our Advanced Risk-Adjusted Investment Models

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We've been creating cutting edge quantitative models for financial services professionals for over 10 years. At the centre of the web lies Huxley, our AI assistant. We are supercharging our work to bring you and your clients the benefits of the latest technology.
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About Us

CheckRisk was established in 2011 by founder Nick Bullman. Managing risk is at the heart of everything we do. Our holistic approach uses practitioner experience and the latest quantitative techniques to help financial services professionals manage client relationships and build sustainable businesses.


We are collaborative & goal driven leaving no stone unturned.


We apply scientific approaches and utilise those developed with our partners at the University of Bath and University of Bristol.


Our intellectual property is scalable and applicable across multiple sectors

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University of Bath
Research Partner
Econophysics, Risk Profiling, Economics
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University of Bristol
Research Partner
Data Science, Statistics, Systems engineering
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Business Development Partner
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Our Vision and Mission

We aim high, focusing on helping our clients in financial services navigate challenging risk-responsibility-reward decisions to build sustainable and successful businesses.

We are quantitative and evidence-based, requiring humility to let the greater good of the team's work come to the surface - above our individual egos. Our ethos of courage, determination, adaptability, unselfishness, cheerfulness, and professional standards permeates everything that we do.

A trusted provider of risk services to over £70bn of risk assets globally.

KTP Grant Winners with the University of Bath2020(Risk-Responsibility-Reward Profiling)

ESPRC CASE Award Winner with University of Bath 2019 (Econophysics)

Treasury Innovator Award Winners 2018(BankFox)


Is CheckRisk a perfect partner for you?

Anticipatory Risk Management

We make sense of Economic cycles, networks of risk and macro-financial linkages in-order to provide actionable insights.

  • Data-driven
  • Event risk
  • Cyclical & Structural risk
  • Global Interconnectivty

Quantitative Investment

We use the insights from our anticipatory risk ecosystem to advise on portfolio construction.

  • Investing-for-Risk approach
  • Evidence-based
  • Regime & Tail-event informed
  • Simulation, Scenario analysis, Stress-testing
  • Risk-Responsibility-Reward


We navigate your risk-responsibility-reward trade-offs and advise on portfolio construction.

  • Decision-oriented
  • Enables reflection and (self-)improvement
  • Scientific approach
  • Biosphere, Society, Economy


Experience consultancy done properly.

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CREWS (Early Warning Risk Service)

Mapping market risk, Economic cycles, Emerging risk

investment managers
Model Portfolios
Tailored for Wealth Managers Using Our 'Investing For Risk Process'
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Structured Products

Bespoke Strategies for Institutions & Intermediaries

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Socially Responsible Investment

Analyse, Visualise, Optimise, Risk-Responsibility-Reward, Trade-offs

irish couple
InVest Profiler
Risk Profile Expertise that Includes Capacity for Loss
Topdown table view
InWork Profiler

Personal, Workplace, Risk-Responsibility-Reward attitudes

"If you can successfully navigate risk-responsibility-reward you can achieve anything."


Join the thousands benefiting from CheckRisk technology everyday.

Nick Bullman
Founder / CEO

Nick Bullman

David Greenwood

Dr David Greenwood

Ross Pepperell
Director of Research

Ross Pepperell

Ralph Andresen
Lead Quantitative Analyst

Ralph Andresen

John Cunningham
Director of Sales Ireland

John Cunningham

Denis Carrol
Director of Sales Australia

Denis Carroll


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