Death or Bust? The Risk With Post-Retirement Models

CheckRisk publishes ground-breaking research showing the risk to retirees of surviving longer than their pensions appears to be much higher than previously estimated.

A specialised, independent and trusted risk consultancy

Our senior team acts as a trusted advisor to institutional clients world wide, overseeing over £70bn of assets. We offer cutting edge risk management techniques.

Customised forward looking risk modelling

Risk factor analysis includes - financial stress, economic indicators, geopolitical risk, central bank policy, sentiment indicators, and currency behaviour.

Understand the biggest risk to your business and clients

Our model validation, investment process review, and stress testing will ensure your asset allocation is fit for purpose, as part of Investment Risk Governance.

Align your decisions with the risk environment

Our cutting edge models bring emerging risks into focus, and reflect the complex and interconnected nature of today's markets.

Integrate risk culture from the board room down

CheckRisk board briefings places your board in control of risk, enabling your organisation to lead from the top down.

Diversify your investments with our structured products

We design bespoke alternative investments to traditional asset classes. These are attractive in a low, or negative interest rate environment.

Risk Consulting & Advisory

Bespoke risk solutions to assist institutions in managing financial and operational risks.

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Risk Products

Helping decision makers get a clearer picture on investing for risk via the global economy and financial markets.

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Investment Risk Governance

Advising professional investors, boards and trustees on one of the most important and least understood risks: investment risk and its proper governance.

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Structured Products

Providing solutions in a low or negative interest rate environment, built on the foundation of a multi strategy risk approach.

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News, Blogs and Opinion

What Goes Up…

This week the S&P 500 recorded the longest bull run in history up 322% over 2465 days. The run started just after the 9th March 2009 dip and has had a whopping return to boot in USD for unhedged foreign investors. We are now firmly in the territory of the...

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Midnight Express to Contagion?

As an economic crisis grips Turkey, CheckRisk has analysed the risk of contagion to other asset classes and the financial system. This report covers: CheckRisk BankFox analysis of the risks to EU zone Banks Threats to other EM countries Turkish Risks Overall Financial Market Risk Financial pressures in Turkey have...

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