Risk Management Consulting

An independent, expert perspective

Risk Management Consulting can mean many things to many people. We view it as an opportunity to develop long term relationships with our clients and to work in partnership. A particular strength of CheckRisk’s is the breadth of work that we can do and the ability to listen to our client’s needs and develop bespoke, cost efficient solutions. All backed up by academic expertise from two of the top UK universities.

Whilst we have products and services that clients can use off the shelf. The fact is that every organisation is different and has different needs. For some clients, we provide a fully proactive service with access to all of our models. For others, we create specialist one-off models for specific projects.

As a third party, we can offer an independent point of view that is sympathetic to the organisation and its need to integrate in order to achieve more sustainable results. We also help to instill a strong self-governance risk structure that is part of the process, rather than a stand alone box ticking department.

As our key consultants have run funds and organisations themselves, we can offer advice from a position of strength of experience and understanding. We perform quantitative and qualitative analysis – but importantly we also provide recommendations, solutions and an investment outlook. Because of this, some clients prefer to use our experience as an active member of their investment or risk committee.