Our Approach

About our approach

Our approach to risk is innovative, forward-looking and multi-dimensional. We think of risk in the widest possible sense: from the macro global economy, down to the micro securities level using both quantitative and qualitative analysis.

CheckRisk has partnered with the University of Bristol and the University of Bath to develop a rigorous academic approach that can be translated into the real world. Legacy systems such as Value at Risk (VaR), are known to have failings and have not served the industry well. We aim to fill that gap.

Most investors spend their time chasing the thing they can’t control: returns. They spend little time thinking about the things they can control that make a difference: risk, cost and time.

The question CheckRisk is really trying to answer is: are you being paid to take risk?

Computers and new theories have transformed the way in which we can try and answer that question. We bring together the latest forward-looking methods and translate them into output that is easy to understand. We recognise that there is no single ‘perfect’ approach, and that there will always be a certain amount of irreducible uncertainty; using simulations and different risk based techniques we can build resilience. Together, this offers us the best chance of achieving our and your objectives.

However, we should not leave it to computers alone. We believe that the future lies in combining their power with practitioner experience. Working closely with our clients, we have been successful in customizing our risk knowledge to provide specific client solutions.

The cross-fertilisation of the sciences and big data offers us new and exciting insights into how the world works. CheckRisk is at the leading edge of this new frontier.