BlackRock, CheckRisk discuss French Euro Exit plan with Le Pen's team

Institutional interest underlines how seriously financial analysts take FN

CheckRisk has participated in a meeting with Marine Le Pen’s top advisers to understand their economic program and plans to withdraw France from the euro. The FN have also met with other financial service firms such as BlackRock, Barclays and UBS Group. The meeting has been reported by, and further details can be found on Bloomberg.

While such meetings are common for campaign officials from mainstream parties in France and other European countries, Bloomberg reports this is the first time Le Pen’s National Front has been approached, the candidate’s chief economic adviser Bernard Monot and his business aide Mikael Sala said in interviews. In the last seven months, they have met with analysts from British and American financial institutions in Paris, Brussels and Strasbourg at the firms’ request.

CheckRisk’s Nick Bullman said he met the candidate’s chief economic adviser Bernard Monot in Strasbourg in December. “Our impressions of the FN were as follows: a much more sophisticated political machinery than we had imagined. The FN’s views on the euro, whilst radical, are perhaps a reflection of the reality of where the euro must go to survive.”