Early Warning Risk System

See Systemic Risks Building in Financial Markets

The CheckRisk Early Warning Risk System (CREWS) helps risk managers to identify and communicate emerging systemic risks. CREWS gives you the edge with a forward looking risk system.

Emerging systemic risks are broken down clearly so that they can be seen in different parts of the financial system and across regions.

The high level indices we produce are rich with information and offer a clearer forward looking picture. The huge number of economic and financial data points that are released each month are often contradictory and conceal the real risk trend. CheckRisk’s EWS acts as a filter to identify what is important. Alerts and reporting can be set with CheckRisk so that our clients are kept up to date as events unfold.

The charts and dashboards are visually powerful and can be understood by anyone in your organisation. Get the most accurate read on financial conditions available in the marketplace.

Download Brochure

Download a PDF brochure of the CheckRisk Early Warning Risk System for more information



Key Features

  • Identify emerging systemic risks in different regions with statistical confidence
  • Communicate risks in a visual language that is easily understood by quants and senior managers alike
  • Receive high level information, or explore the detail. See the rates of change. Set the alerts and explanatory reporting from CheckRisk
  • Use the output to develop predictive stress scenarios that CheckRisk can integrate with your portfolio and risk management systems
  • CheckRisk Financial Stress Indices filter signals from noise from hundreds of indicators, dealing with mixed frequency data and asymmetric start and end dates.

Who Is It For?

  • Pension Funds.
  • Asset Managers.
  • Hedge Funds.
  • Wealth Managers.
  • Regulators.
  • Banks.
  • Insurance Companies.