About Us

CheckRisk is a trusted provider of risk services to over £70bn of risk assets globally. CheckRisk’s team of investment professionals has decades of combined experience within asset management, trading and qualitative/quantitative modeling disciplines. Our consulting services, risk models and commentaries provide a high level of value to any firm that is interested in having an independent view to aid decision making, formulate risk strategies, to put in place risk management systems or manage assets. Our work with the University of Bath, School of Management, and University of Bristol, Systems Engineering Department, means that investors wishing to understand risk have the backing of top level academic institutions and the pragmatic investment risk skills of CheckRisk’s team.

Our aim is to simplify the complexity of risk.

What distinguishes CheckRisk from other risk consultants?

CheckRisk is different. We are more concerned with forward-looking analysis and creating innovative risk models at the cutting edge of academia. We complement this with experienced people you can build a long term relationship with, and who listen to your needs. We take complex data but interpret it in simple and visually powerful ways. We can filter this at a high level for boards, or go to more technical and granular levels for risk and investment departments.

CheckRisk is an expert in Investment Risk Governance and in model validation. CheckRisk provides risk solutions that are tailored to client requirements for the benefit of the bottom line of investment returns. CheckRisk also provides enterprise risk and management information services using our modelling capabilities to ensure that a client fully appreciates the risk being taken by their organisation over and above pure investment risk. These data science skills are useful across industries.

CheckRisk Company Brochure

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CheckRisk is a leading provider of financial risk management consulting services to institutional clients such as:

  • Pension funds
  • Insurance companies
  • Banks
  • Asset managers
  • Investment advisors (RI’s)
  • Central banks

We have offices in Bath, Dublin and Sydney and currently oversee more than $70 billion of financial assets worldwide. We are regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority Reg. No: 490575